Profile of GopalaKrishnan Devanathan (Kris Dev)

ICT Innovator and e-Democracy Consultant, specializing in e-Governance applications for creating Community Centric Sustainable Development for Poverty Alleviation.

An ISO 9000:2000 certified lead auditor, SEI-CMM trained and specialized in ICT for Development (ICT4D) with over three decades of hands-on experience in India and Americas.

President  & CEO of Life Line to Business (LL2B), India, an organization specializing in innovation and good governance – from 2001 to 2010.

Co-founder of the Transparency and Accountability Network (TrAcNet), a loose knit global network of social organizations and activists coming together to create Community Centric Sustainable Development for Poverty Alleviation using the principle of transparency for accountability.

Recipient of: “Innovations 2009” Award (Ideas in Practice) for implementing “e-Administration: e-Platform for e-Governance”, from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Alumni Association and The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TiE) Pune (http://www.iitbombay.org/chapters-and-events/pune , http://www.innovations-pune.com/ and http://www.innovations-pune.com/2009).

Developed and implemented “e-Administration” a web based, platform neutral, paper-less Communication and Collaboration Tool, using open source tools.

The tool has the provision for self customization by the user organization and can help to create the entire geographic branches, the functional departments, positions and officials for G2C / G2G / B2B / B2C communications.

It helps to integrate the working of the entire vertical and horizontal hierarchy of any organization to introduce transparency and accountability. It can also help to create unique identity for every employee and help track the activities of individuals, sections, departments, branches, etc. Mobile phones can be integrated into the application for seamless communication.

“e-Administration, an Open Source Tool for e-Governance and Conflict Resolution” was judged as one of the top ranked proposals and a big idea that can make the difference and a high impact approach that can work well, by an expert panel of the World Bank Innovation Fair.

The proposal was submitted under the theme: “Improve Service Delivery and Governance through the Use of Communications Tools” – Using technology to facilitate delivery of basic social services and Improving governance and accountability through communication technologies.

More details can be seen at:


e-Administration initiatives are covered in many newspapers/magazines, as detailed below:

The Business Standard, Mumbai ‘With e-Governance, admn takes a virtual leap in TN’ http://www.business-standard.com/search/storypage_new.php?leftnm=lmnu2&leftindx=2&lselect=1&autono=159162

The New Indian Express  http://www.newindpress.com/NewsItems.asp?ID=IET20040705124325&Page=T&Title=Southern+News+%2D+Tamil+Nadu&Topic=0&aDate=7%2F6%2F2004

The Hindu, Metro Plus, Chennai on “Paperless or less paper?” on Saturday Jan 08, 2005 can be seen at http://www.hindu.com/mp/2005/01/08/stories/2005010802070100.htm

The Hindu Business Line Monday, Sep 06, 2004, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India – eWorld – E-Governance – Take those files away – Raja Simhan T.E.

Advantage Tamil Nadu – India’s Eastern Gateway to the World – “e-Administration” – This is a paperless File Management System implemented at ELCOT as an empowerment tool for speedy disposal of files. The workflow management helps in creation, movement, monitoring and approval of files electronically resulting in better utilization of manpower, thereby avoiding delays, leading to better governance. As the system is web-enabled, it facilitate operating anywhere at any time.


Digit magazine Nov 2004 – Digital Business – How technology can help your organization – Case study – IT Cuts Red Tape – To many, e-governance and paperless office are Utopian ideas. Not for the Tamil Nadu government’s IT department which uses software to create a transparent transaction process – “The biggest advantage of e-Administration is that it enables us to view, at any stage, the status of a pending file… This way work flow is simplified” – General Manager, e-Governance, Tamil Nadu.


Certificate of satisfactory implementation of ‘e-Administration’ paperless office Tool (Min Aluvalagam) at Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu, Chennai. Certificate Letter Roc. No. 14655/YI-2/2005 dated Sep 08, 2005 issued by P.W.C. Davidar, I.A.S., Member Secretary, SDAT. “The tool has been successfully installed and is now being implemented in the SDAT. Hitherto, what has been done manually, has been converted electronically. All the sections have begun using this tool and now have found it useful to speed-up faster communication between them… Thus, the average process time has been cut down by almost 50%. Tremendous increase in work force productivity has been noticed due to this factor”.


The Budget 2004-2005 address to the State assembly of the Lt. Governor of Pondicherry:

Item  20 of the speech, reads as follows: “Industrial Guidance Bureau with integrated e-Platform has been established by substituting single window clearance system to speed up the process of industrial clearance / permission for setting up of new industrial units. A total of 21 Departments including Municipalities / Commune Panchayats have been integrated with a dedicated electronic network for granting permission to set up an industry and also to commence production”.

The  “Journal of Orissa Information Technology Society” in the Case study on: “ICT and e-Gov” – Quarterly progress Report (April – June 2003) at: http://www.oits.org/bulletin/bltn0412.pdf.

PC Quest June 2007 issue has rated 250 enterprise projects – ‘The Ultimate Guide to IT Implementations in India’ has evaluated the Best IT Implementations of the year 2007 in various sectors, with ‘Analysis of Who is Deploying What in IT’, ‘Tech & Trends in IT Implementations’ and identifying ‘Top 10 Challenges in Deploying IT’, by an independent jury’. http://forums.pcquest.com/itimplementation/june_2007-30.html

The customized e-Platform for the Industrial Guidance Bureau of the Government of Pondicherry, India, implemented with technical support from Life Line to Business (LL2B), Chennai, was evaluated for the Best IT Implementations of the year 2007 in the Government Sector by PC Quest, a Cybermedia publication.

Recipient of “Manthan-AIF Award 2006” for creating “India’s Best e-Content” in the category of “e-Inclusion and Livelihood” out of entries from 25 states in India for “Biometric Tracking of Payments under NREGA” in remote parts of rural India (http://www.manthanaward.org/section_synopsis.asp?id=121,   http://www.manthanaward.org/section_synopsis.asp?id=201 and http://www.manthanaward.org/section_full_story.asp?id=507).

The Manthan-AIF Award is a first of its kind initiative in India to recognize the best practices in e-Content and Creativity. Launched in October 2004, by Digital Empowerment Foundation in partnership with World Summit Award, and the American India Foundation, the Manthan Award emphasizes the importance of e-Content & Creativity for and by the grassroots people and organisations.

The Manthan Award is an Indian initiative by Digital Empowerment Foundation, India as the national initiative of World Summit Award, to select and promote the best practices in e-Content and Creativity in India. It involves representatives from each state and union territory of India and visualizes the bridging of digital divide and narrowing of the content gap as its overall goal. The award is given under the framework of the World Summit Awards.

Implemented unique biometric identification and tracking in rural India for e-Governance for poverty alleviation. The biometric initiative was covered in a number of newspapers and magazines. A few of them are as follows:

Villagers get digital identity – Biometric tracking gives a tamper proof identity to villagers http://www.indianexpress.com/news/aids-counsel-a-call-away/21904/2

Bihar shows smart card way to cleaner rural job scheme – http://www.indianexpress.com/story/33365.html

NREGA going hi-tech in Bihar – Vidya Vishwanathan – Civil Society Online – June 2007 http://www.civilsocietyonline.com/June07/india07ngrea.asp

The ‘BSC’ of Identity – A Biometric Smart Card Device can be a fool-proof ID for citizens, says this ICT Consultant – http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/ew/2007/03/19/stories/2007031900110300.htm

Technology can prevent tampering in polls – News Today article – Feb 4, 2007

ID Cards get smarter – http://www.business-standard.com/india/storypage.php?autono=326049

4Ps Business and Marketing Magazine – A Plan Media Publication, New Delhi, India – Special Feature – COLUMN CITIZENRY – A prescription to end corruption – Unique identification of every citizen will help kill the corruption malaise in developing economies http://www.4psbusinessandmarketing.com/17072008/storyd.asp?sid=2112&page….

‘Biometric Smart Card’ – article published in: ‘Information Technology in Developing Countries’ newsletter of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Working Group 9.4 titled Social Implications of Computers in Developing Countries. Previously supported by agencies like COMNET-IT, Malta and IDRC, Canada, the newsletter is now published on the web by the Centre for Electronic Governance, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

The newsletter carries articles on IT applications in developing countries which have created a socio-economic impact, evaluation of national policies on IT and telecommunications sectors, and paradigms to understand the impact of IT on development. Relevant conferences announcements, and reviews of conferences and books are also carried in the newsletter. The readership mainly consists of IT professionals, academics and administrators concerned with IT policy. The newsletter has to its credit a legacy of over 10 years of print publication, reaching 750 individual subscribers and 45 libraries in 40 countries. Past issues can be accessed through the WG 9.4 homepage.

http://www.iimahd.ernet.in/egov/ifip/oct2008/oct2008.htm and http://www.iimahd.ernet.in/egov/ifip/oct2008/kris-dev.htm.

Smart Voter-IDs needed – http://www.business-standard.com/india/news/geetanjali-krishna-smart-voter-ids-needed/356822/

Previous work experiences: Worked in North America as Commercial Director of Productora Mexicana de Tuberia, S.A. de C.V., a subsidiary company of ISPAT Mexicana, S.A. de C.V., from 1994-1999. Instrumental in reviving a closed company and achieve a turnaround of its operations, in short span of time.

Earlier posts held include Senior Manager and Staff Officer to Chairman, Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) from 1992 to 1994. Responsible for Corporate Governance and Liaising. Assisted the Chief Executive of SAIL to achieve a turnaround of SAIL.

Earlier served as Regional Manager of SAIL, Salem Steel Plant at New Delhi from 1990-92.

Liaised with SAIL and Ministry of Steel, Government of India to obtain the sanction for setting up a hot rolling mill at Salem Steel Plant. Also liaised with Ministry of Finance and India Government Mints to introduce domestic stainless steel coin blank supply through the indigenous route, thereby saving valuable foreign exchange for the country.

Recipient of the prestigious “Jawaharlal Nehru Best Executive Award” in 1992 for Liaison and Public Relations for Salem Steel Plant at New Delhi.

Started as Management Trainee in 1977 and served in various managerial positions including Purchase Officer, Inventory Controller, Administration Manger and Regional Manager from 1977 to 1994 to become Senior Manager in SAIL.

Other social activities:

Member of various professional bodies and social organizations. Extensively traveled in India and abroad. Hold a post graduate degree in Science with specialization in electronics. Right to Know / Right to Information Activist. Conduct regular awareness programs. Co-ordinator for National Election Watch for Tamil Nadu.

Contact Information:

GopalaKrishnan Devanathan (Kris Dev), President & CEO, Life Line to Business (LL2B), A4, Ashok Suparna, 27/12, III Main Road, K.B. Nagar, Adyar, Chennai-600020, Tamil Nadu, India. Krisdev@gmail.com; Ph: +91 98 408 52132 / 1 (206) 274 1635; http://ll2b.blogspot.com and http://kris-dev@blogspot.com.


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