Prescription to end corruption for all round peace and prosperity

Corruption is a cancer eating into the vitals of our society. It does not allow the under developed and developing nations to transcend and become developed nations. Most developing countries are doing well on many fronts – except tackling corruption – which in turn affects many development projects and impacts the grassroots by depriving the marginalized of essential benefits.

The rich are growing richer at the cost of the poor. What is needed is a one-stop solution for solving the evil of Corruption. The solution has to change the face of our society and take it from the downward path to one of upward growth.

One ideal solution would be, to register every citizen uniquely using their biometric (all finger prints, all fingers or palm vein) and issue a Multi Purpose Biometric Smart Card cum Debit Card, linked to a Cashless Money Account for making valid all transactions and making it public on the web.

Suitable ‘e-Administration’ tool should be available for tracking all communications and transactions by anyone anywhere. Total transparency and accountability needs to be made a way of life. This would deter us from doing any thing on the sly. This would minimize corruption, to the point of eliminating it.

We need to create a new world order, a level playing field, where every citizen has an equality of opportunity, to explore his / her / their potentials to the maximum.

This would encourage everyone to contribute their mite for the growth of the community and society at large without impeding the growth of others.


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6 Responses to “Prescription to end corruption for all round peace and prosperity”

  1. Srikanth Says:

    People would anyway find a way to bribe through even with all the electronic gadgetary that you are suggesting. Unless each one sees corruption as personally shameful thing to indulge, it cannot be stopped.

    • krisdev Says:

      Small bribes like giving food to eat is ok. But big bribes can be avoided by a proper end to end tracking. Nothing should be allowed to be done on the sly. This will make everything transparent and make everyone self accountable.

    • krisdev Says:

      If impersonation is true in the recent Malaysian Airlines crash, the same could have been prevented head-on, if every person had a unique biometric identification and tracking from birth to death. Is there anyone ready to challenge this idea?

  2. krisdev Says:

    Petty bribery like giving low value consumable like chocolate to get things done may not be avoidable. But giving high value item like liquor or assets of value like gold, diamond, car, land, etc. can be controlled by electronic tracking of all assets, purchases and sales. unauthorized possession of any asset could be easily detected.

    Where there is a will, there can be a way. How come Indians who freely spit on the streets and throw garbage any where, are following strict discipline when they are in Singapore? Management by Dhanda (stick) works well. When there was emergency rule in India, the discipline was high. Corruption was low. Strict rules ensure discipline. I am not advocating emergency rule. But merely saying moral values must be imbibed to eliminate corruption alone would not work. We need to have both carrot and stick policy.

    When disciplined children see ill gotten wealth got by politicians, middlemen and officials being flaunted by their children, naturally, they would advocate the same. It is the elder generation that is setting a wrong example to the younger generation. So a cultural change towards corruption is needed along with very strict monitoring and punishment.

    Biometric tracking would eliminate the unproductive jobs done by authoritative officials and bribery indulged by them in the name of following rules.

  3. maykoedison Says:

    Haloo..Mr. Krist, I’m from Indonesia, but i come from west papua…. you think about Indonesia Today ?


    • krisdev Says:

      Unique identification and tracking all activities / transactions from birth to death using biometric smart card for sure can transform any society. It can create a level playing field for all. Let me know if you need more assistance on this. Best.

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